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 NEW CHARACTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cursed Devilish Elemental
Cursed Devilish Elemental

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PostSubject: NEW CHARACTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   NEW CHARACTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Icon_minitimeWed Feb 11, 2009 9:44 pm

Name: Halyn McKinley
Name Meaning:
•First name -- Unique and special, unlike another
•Last Name -- Fair-haired foreigner
Nicknames: "Sanam" (beloved, mistress), "Suki" (beloved), "Chimere" (dream), "Aradia" (goddess of witches), "Cytheria"/"Tanith"/"Venus" (goddess of love), "Freya" (goddess of love, fertility, and beauty), "Thisbe" (lover), "Shirina" (love song), "Philyra" (lover of music)
Age: Looks somewhere from 16 to 21*
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Pink (her third eye is blue)
Hair Color: Purple-magenta
Weapon of Choice: She literally stabs people in the back with an ornate double-bladed knife, or her third eye
Occupation: Mistress of Space and Time/Cupid of Complicated Obsessive Love**
Extra: She has a third eye in her forehead that she channels her powers through, and it can act as an extra weapon
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 124lbs
Personality: Reserved, quiet, obsessive, hateful, spiteful, space-headed, day dreamer, distatched, music lover
Background: For as long as she has been around, she has been living in a place where she cannot leave. However, there have been some loopholes to that fact, she has grasped as way out of the space/void where she lives and resides. She has only had one "love" as she says that he is, a human long since dead from old age. She has coveted him despite being a Cupid and having no soul mate, managing to keep the other Cupids away from him, often bringing him to her "home" in a separate space and time that she was "sealed" in. She doesn't obey the Higher Ups, choosing to pair people up, by her playing favorites with Humans on the mortal plane. However, the man she "loved" didn't fully return her feelings, leaving her for another, infuriating her to the point of making her love's love fall in love with some one else, breaking his heart. She, then, kept him with her until he died, and because he was not of her plane that she lived, he still aged as if still on Earth, soon dying of old age (to her). Now, since then, she tries to find the man she loved in men throughout the generations, often loving them, but soon tossing them away when they aren't EXACTLY alike her deceased love. Occasionally, she will crave having a child, often kidnapping an infant or toddler, caring for them in the unique place that she lives, her own Space/Void with its own Time. However, if she had known this years earlier, she would have given her love what most call "immortality", but is actually an extremely extended life, prolonging their inevitable deaths.

*She often changes her lipstick colors, and it's the color of the lipstick that tends to make her look older or younger.­ †
**She is a Cupid, yes, but she was put in a voided space where she eventually gained control of Space/Voids and Time.

"I can't make you want me,
All I can do is stalk you and hope you give in..."

NEW CHARACTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cde9aq
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NEW CHARACTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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