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 Unfinished: X's Past

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PostSubject: Unfinished: X's Past   Unfinished: X's Past Icon_minitimeSun Jan 18, 2009 10:21 pm

The world came crashing down as she ran from and abandoned the capital that was generous enough to spare her life as an infant, but cruel enough to turn itself around and command her to fight in its army against the other capitals that happen to be its enemies. Thunder sounded in the distance, nearly drowning out the sounds of the Warriors behind her, signaled an upcoming storm where she was leading the Warriors behind her. Trees whipped by her in a blur as she maintained the speed that kept her in sight of the people pursuing her, but allowing her to keep a distance between them and herself.

The first drops of rain signaled the Cyber-Genetically Enhanced Human that the storm had caught up to them when she stopped in roughly the middle of a large meadow. Her hair flung drops of rain as he pelting from the precipitation grew heavier, soaking her clothing and hair. Lightning flashed its lavender-blue streak in the sky before being followed by a near-deafening clap of thunder. Another temporary flash of lightning gave the Cyber-Genetically Enhanced Human a good physical view of the Warriors that paused in their pursuit roughly twenty meters from her person, though she could already sense them from the heat signatures that their bodies gave off.

By now the rain was pouring hard and pounding on the bodies of the people in the meadow as they stared each other down, the Warriors against the lone Cyber-Genetically Enhanced Human. Rain ran in streaks down their faces, dripping off of their chins and hair, clearly having soaked them to the bone. The green-gray eyes of the Cyber Human phased to a blood red color, alerting the Warriors who could just barely make out the change in the dark setting they were in, that her Weapon mode had been activated.

The pink-platinum-haired Cyber Human felt her blood sliding across her skin as it began to move and rearrange the flesh on her arm to reveal the computer-ran machinery that fixated itself into a weapon where her arm had been, looking like a combination between a flamethrower and a small cannon. Metal wings broke through the cloth on her back as the glowed with an inhuman light, they hummed as the moved into an erect position, alert for any vibration that they would be able to sense through the air particles and molecules. They twitched when the sensed one headstrong warrior charge at the solitary Cyber Human.

To be continued...

"I can't make you want me,
All I can do is stalk you and hope you give in..."

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Unfinished: X's Past
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