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 Sample RPG Scenarios

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PostSubject: Sample RPG Scenarios   Sample RPG Scenarios Icon_minitimeFri Jan 16, 2009 7:47 pm

Let's see Here are some Examples, there are also the rules for RPGing.

Good Environment Interaction
Quote :
stood atop the point of the tower up on the capital building, one eye a
green gray, the other a red color as she zoomed her focus on individual
people that walked the streets in the capital her race, Humans, and
Ghosts resided. The leaders of the races that shared this place had yet
to assign her a new mission to work on. Her red eye phased to its
normal green-gray as she jumped off of the point onto the far ground

Bad Environment Interaction
Quote :
X jumped off of the top of the building.


Good Fight
Quote :
blood in her veins, the wires in her limbs, roared as the adrenaline
kicked in as she stared at the enemy in front of her person. X could
already feel her right arm start to gear itself to change automatically
and mechanically into a weapon, the blood already sliding down her arm
in large amounts as it dripped loudly then softly onto the ground. Her
skin moved out of the way as the metal wiring and computer enhanced
properties come out to look like a flame-thrower cannon in place of her
right arm.

Bad Fight
Quote :
X stared before letting her arm transform.


Good Conversation
Quote :
are my orders?" X stared at the feet of the person sitting in the chair
in front of her, green-gray eyes blank as her mind cleared itself.
and track this person." the person in front of her threw a file
containing a picture and scarce background information at the
Enhanced Human's clog-clad feet. The chair squeaked as the person
sitting in it turned them self around so that back of the chair was
facing X. The platinum-pink-haired cyborg bent down as she tentatively
picked up the folder, one eye turning red as she stored the information
on the pages in her visual memory stage.

Bad Conversation
Quote :
"I will do all that you ask." X said.


Good People Interaction
Quote :
vaguely felt the fingertips on her arms and shoulders as they traveled
their own way on her flesh. She turned her head to the side, idly eying
the hands of the person behind her. How long had she known them again?
ran through her head as the hands became daring and gently moved to the
open plain of her flat abdomen. The arms finally closed around her arms
and torso as the person behind her hugged her for all their worth. Too long to care. she told herself.

Bad People Interaction
Quote :
The fingers moved along her arms and X enjoyed it.

"I can't make you want me,
All I can do is stalk you and hope you give in..."

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Sample RPG Scenarios
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